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NEW WILMINGTON, Pa.— Freshman Missy Treharne is adjusting to her new found independence. She also learns how it will give her the responsibility she will need for her future career.

Treharne is a freshman living at Galbreath Hall. She is double majoring in Creative Media Production and Forensic Psychology with hopes of pursuing in filmmaking and directing. She is very excited for her Radio and TV Fundamentals course this semester.

Hailing from an all-girls high school in Burton, Ohio, Treharne had to learn to adapt to college life in a co-ed building. She is also getting used to having more free time. “With more time, I have to learn how to deal with it,” Treharne said. She stressed the importance of this new skill and its role in preparing for her future. “Everything is planned for you in high school and now you have to teach yourself to get involved.”

Although the freshman year of college was a huge change, Treharne described her transition as “slow but not overwhelming.” As a double major, a pole vaulter for the Westminster Athletics team and someone who stays fit in her spare time, Treharne is a driven student. She also has an interest in being involved in student government on campus.

“The work you do is up to you,” Treharne said. “You have to find your own motivation.” She pointed to the aspect of middle school where you’re on your own schedule — very different from high school.

Treharne is excited to apply this newfound independence based on her career and future semesters. Whether it’s staying motivated on her own or learning a new schedule that’s very different from high school, Treharne is optimistic about her future. She knows this will help her stay focused on whatever she can pursue in those future endeavors.

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