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By Prince Peter Awele Smell

On July 1, 2022, Mr. Adedamola Saka reported in the Guardian under the headline “Lagos holds 310 female students accountable on sexual and gender-based violence” (p. 9) that the Governor of Lagos State, through the Ministry of Education, “will create a sustainable social structure in educational institutions that will help demystify socio-cultural misconceptions, dismantle patriarchy, encourage gender equality, bring about behavioral and attitudinal change and , ultimately raising empowered daughters.”

It violates the rights of our daughters to be raised by their parents and the rights of their parents to change their behaviors and attitudes in the process of raising them if they do not exhibit moral, spiritual or religious attitudes and behaviors.

The duty of educational institutions is to preserve the moral, spiritual and religious attitudes and behaviors of children, not to modify them. Feminists, not all women, are guilty of indoctrinating and changing them.

They provide the textbooks with which children are taught literature in primary and secondary schools that indoctrinates and corrupts their attitudes and behaviors by making them deviant, capricious and authoritative to their parents. They also obtained compulsory studies and biology sessions in JSS3 and SSS3, as well as the teaching of “sex education” which made children sexual perverts. Evidence: the recent sexual activity of a mere 10-year-old Chrisland Schools student in a hotel in Dubai. Teenage sex, contraception, pregnancy and abortion are common and increasing.

Regarding so-called “socio-cultural misunderstandings,” our socio-cultural practices are moral, spiritual, religious, and necessary for effective and sustainable administration of family and social affairs and healthy interpersonal relationships.

Feminists are no wiser than God who inspired socio-cultural practices. They have systematically replaced them with the socio-cultural practices of Americans when the consequence of this in the United States is a dissolute sexual culture: early sexual intercourse, high rates of contraception, abortion and infertility; gayism and lesbianism; very high divorce rates, loss of interest in marriage, many single women as single parents, and domestic violence, many of which result in death.

It should be noted that these utterly reprehensible sexual, domestic and social cultures have arisen in Nigeria because the federal and state governments support feminists. To show that their claim of “socio-cultural misunderstanding” is absolutely wrong, I next consider “patriarchy”, “gender”, “sex equality” and “empowerment”.

Patriarchy was established by God and not by man or society. Evidence: God created man distinctly (Gen. 2:7) and created woman from man (Gen. 2:21-23). God subordinated the woman to the man by giving the man the power to name the woman twice (Gen. 2:22-23 and Gen. 3:20), and by making the woman a helper for the man (Gen. 2:18); also by decreeing that the man shall rule over the woman in marriage (Genesis 3:16). The man marries the woman and establishes a household into which the woman moves at the time of marriage (Genesis 2:24). Wives were commanded to submit to their husbands because God made the man the head of the woman (Eph. 5:22-23; 1 Pet. 3:1-6).

Because these are the divine sources of patriarchy, it is not a socio-cultural misconception. Nor is it “a social construction” as American feminists claim, to destroy it.

In the Bible written by American feminists, they reject patriarchy, the subordinate status of women to men established by God, and the submission to men required of women by God. They affirmed “gender equality”, “respect for women”, and changed all the places where “man” appears to “woman”. Hence, a feminist group in Nigeria is Womanifesto. Now they want to use law and education to impose their desire on men most firmly in order to have authority and control over men. Men today should learn from the error of the first man to avoid God’s punishment (Gen. 3:17-19) or what men suffer in the United States and the United Kingdom when they have arguments with women or divorce.

As for ‘gender’ and ‘sex equality’, they have no equivalence in any Nigerian language. They are strategic social constructs used by Americans to replace “man” and “woman”, to change traditional domestic and social moral practices. No two people – man and man, woman and woman, or woman and man – are equal by any consideration of equality. No one in the Lagos State government is equal to the governor; no one in the Ministry of Education is equal to the commissioner; and no one in an educational institution is equal to the head of that institution. Inequality exists in all industries and economists call it “division of labor”, not “discrimination” or “oppression”.

“Gender equality” creates the attitude that emboldens a woman to be aggressive or violent towards a man, sometimes to slap a man and challenge him to revenge. “Empowerment” compels mothers to dump their three-month-old babies in commercial child care or impose their care on their husbands. In addition to causing quarrels and violence, these acts cause serious moral and psychological harm to children.

When it comes to “empowerment,” what girls need is moral character. This has tremendous power! He charms or persuades effectively, especially in marriage. Other sources of power that girls need are having children, cooking and feeding their husbands. All of this is effective.

“Gender equality” as a new source of power has denied marriage to many girls. Saying it physically or with words causes domestic violence and divorce. Sexually asserting it causes infertility. Childlessness makes wives precarious in marriage and causes domestic violence and divorce. Governor Sanwo-Olu should obey God and not feminists (Acts 5:29) to avoid God’s punishment (Gen. 3:17-19). Christ on equality (Phil. 2:6). His rewards (Phil, 2:9-11.

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