Pedestrian struck near Battlefield High School

Rescue teams transported a pedestrian to Fairfax Inova Hospital after she was hit by a car.

According to initial reports, the female victim was hit by a car at the intersection of Route 15 and Graduation Drive near Battlefield High School around 7:50 a.m.

The victim suffered what appeared to be head injuries and was loaded into a helicopter which landed in the high school parking lot, which then took him to hospital.

Initial reports said multiple cars were involved in the crash and the driver who hit the pedestrian remained at the scene when police arrived.

Public schools in Prince William County are closed today for the Thanksgiving holiday. We’ll update this post with new information as we get it.

Route 15 at Graduation Drive is a deadly intersection. Last year, two 13-year-old boys were killed as they crossed Route 15, a four-lane artery connecting Route 19 to Gainesville, Maryland.

The first fatal accident in 2021 happened in January, when the victim was hit twice as he tried to cross the road. Rescue teams declared him dead at the scene.

The second fatal accident that year occurred in October, when another 13-year-old boy tried to cross Highway 15 and was hit and killed by a pickup truck.

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