Player Spotlight: Colton Thomasson, Smithson Valley High School

Smithson Valley High School

Position: OL

6’8 ″, 319lbs

Honorable mention from all districts 2020

What was the highlight of your 2020 season?

The highlight of my 2020 season was our 1st round playoff game against Reagan. We were down 17 at halftime, everyone on the outside thought it was over, but we knew we just had to get our game back and not theirs. 2 choices of David Dehoyos, an incredible drive led by Jay Nutt, and another choice of Noah Flores later, we win 24-20. The atmosphere was indescribable that night !!

Who was the best player on an opposing team you played against?

The best player I’ve played against is Johnny Bowens at Judson High School.

Who is your favorite NFL player?

My favorite NFL player of all time is Joe Thomas.

What is your favorite sport or activity outside of football?

In addition to playing football, I also throw the kick and the disc. In my spare time I like to spend time with my friends and family! I also love to hunt and fish with my grandfather!

Favorite subject at school?

My favorite subject is math or history!

Name Names – Which teammate would win:

A. a Madden tournament?

3-way link between Travis McCracken, Skylar Soward and Caden Baumgartner

B. a Dance-Off competition?

Diego hamilton

C. 40 yard dash challenge?

Kyler clarke

D. a Bench Press challenge?

Brittle stolle

E. a game of Jeopardy?

Brayden Bafidis.

Why do you like soccer?

I love football because of the life skills and the lessons it teaches you. Football not only teaches you how to be a better athlete, but it also teaches you how to be a better man, friend, teammate and Christian. The memories, lessons and skills one learns over the course of one’s career can help them prepare for life!by KP Kelly, Kevin Kelly, KP

Learn more about Colton here:

Twitter: @coltonthomasson

Instagram: @ coltonthomasson1

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