Public Health England issues health alert as Met Office predicts mini-heatwave with high temperatures

A health alert has been issued by Public Health England as high temperatures are expected this weekend.

Most of England, including Essex, experiences very hot weather from Saturday night to Tuesday morning.

PHE issued the heat and health warning following the Met Office’s forecast of high temperatures over the following days.

Lily: July heatwave is set to last for weeks for Essex as temperatures rise to 28C

UV and pollen levels are also expected to be very high this weekend in Essex.

Dr Owen Landeg, Scientific and Technical Manager at PHE, said: “Most heat control advice is common sense and for many people, periods of warmer weather are something they really enjoy. .

“However, for some people, such as the elderly, those with underlying health conditions and young children, the summer heat can pose real health risks. That is why we urge everyone to keep an eye out for those you know who might be at risk.

“If you can, ask if your friends, family or neighbors need help. Also take water with you when you travel and keep up to date with the weather forecast.

“It’s also worth remembering the practical steps for keeping homes cool during the day, as this can help sleep at night and give the body time to recover from heat.”

Check the weather forecast for your place of residence:

Will Lang, head of civilian contingencies at the Met Office, said: “In most parts of the UK we expect temperatures to rise, reaching heatwave thresholds across much of England over the week -end.

“High temperatures will remain a feature of the forecast until Tuesday, when cooler conditions arrive, reducing heatwave levels.”

In Chelmsford, the Met Office forecasts sunny weather for the entire weekend with highs of 26C on Saturday and 29C on Sunday.

Temperatures will be similar in regions like Basildon with forecasts of 25 ° C for Saturday and 29 ° C again for Sunday.

Colchester, Witham and Grays are all currently set for highs of around 25 ° C on Saturday and 28 ° C on Sunday.

Braintree also appears to be sunny with highs of 26C on Saturday and 28C on Sunday.

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