Quebec is investing more than $ 18 million to stimulate desperately needed IT jobs

MONTREAL – In its great effort to fill the labor shortage in the technology (IT) sector, Quebec will subsidize internships in companies to promote short-term programs using a work-study formula.

“These types of programs have a phenomenal 85 percent graduation rate,” Employment Minister Jean Boulet said on Monday announcing an investment of $ 18.8 million in the sector.

The retention rate after three months is 91%, Boulet said.

“It really is a win-win solution,” Boulet said. “The person works, say, three days a week, studies two days a week and is paid. He receives the financial support, the employer receives the academic training and the educational institution gains the practical experience gained in the business.”

The training programs developed as part of the Short-Term Training Program for the Commission des Partenaires de Travail du Québec (CPMT) will include between 9 and 30 credits or between 130 and 500 hours. The “work” part will be credited as an internship within the framework of the course of study.

Under the new program, companies will be able to be reimbursed for salaries of up to $ 25 per hour during training and up to $ 20,000 per participant.

The government hopes that more than 700 workers will keep their jobs or enter the workforce through the incentive.

Quebec estimates that 10,000 positions must be filled in the information and communications technology sector and wants to do everything possible to meet this need for manpower.

A week ago, the government announced a $ 40 million program to attract 2,500 unemployed and job seekers in the event of a pandemic.

– this report by La Presse canadienne was first published in French on May 31, 2021.

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