Rudder High School set state records for weightlifting

BRYAN, Texas — A Rudder High School senior set powerlifting records in the state this month.

Jason Batiste squatted nearly a third of a ton when he competed in the 2022 Texas High School Powerlifting Association State Meet.

“I’ve been lifting since third grade and it’s helped me grow to where I am now,” said Jason Batiste, a senior at Rudder High School. “As a senior, I can lift 700 pounds.”

Jason may have big muscles, but he also has a big heart for his teammates. He wants to make sure they succeed too.

“He was able to teach them new techniques with the other seniors we had on the team where they were helping our younger ones to help them build their squat,” said powerlifting head coach Tim George. “Our younger guys have set a lot of personal bests this year and even our older guys have set a lot of personal bests based on him.”

With graduation next month, one of Jason’s teammates reflected on their time together in the state.

“Jason and I have been close to each other since middle school, so I’ve kind of helped him since by lifting him up and spotting him and wrapping him up in the state,” Conner McQueen said, senior at Rudder High School. “It’s like having a whole extra family of people supporting you, helping you, supporting them, helping them.”

With this supportive brotherhood, Jason and his team held themselves accountable so they could all win.

“Sophomores have seen big increases recently,” Batiste said. “They are doing around 500, 550 now and the seniors who lifted alongside me are much stronger now. All of them probably could have been in condition with me. They taught me the form. I taught them the form, how to grow.

While Jason is very humble, his coach says he is a leader for the team.

“Wherever the kids needed help, he was great at helping out,” said Coach George. “If he needed anything, his other teammates would have helped him, he helped his teammates. Like I said great leader, great kid. His future is very bright wherever he goes, whatever he wants to do.

While Jason may squat big, his dreams are bigger. He plans to open a gymnasium here in Bryan after graduating from college.

“I’m going to Prairie View A&M,” Batiste said. “My plan is to major in IT and try to major in business as well so I can become a business owner, maybe open my own gym somewhere in that area.”

Jason won 8and place in the top Division 1 weight class. He will continue to help and inspire his teammates and looks forward to graduating next month.

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