Schools and colleges to reopen in Udupi from tomorrow, Article 144 in place

Karnataka Hijab Verdict: Schools and colleges to reopen in Udupi from tomorrow

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Udupi District Schools and Colleges Karnataka are to reopen from tomorrow following the Karnataka Hijab verdict by High Court of Karnataka. Section 144 will be in place in the district which will impose restrictions on processions, celebrations and demonstrations until March 21, 2022.

Udupi District Deputy Commissioner informed ANI news agency about the decision today, March 15, 2022. “Schools and colleges will be reopened tomorrow in Udupi district. The 144 second imposition will continue with restrictions on processions, celebrations, demonstrations will continue until March 21,” the deputy commissioner said.

The Karnataka High Court upheld the hijab ban after 11 days of hearing on the matter. The HC upheld the ban on the grounds that “wearing the hijab is not an essential religious practice”. Karnataka HC further added that the government can prescribe a uniform and a uniform is a reasonable restriction of basic rights which students cannot object to.

Following the release of the final verdict on the Hijab ban, the state of Karnataka has also released a series of dress code mandates which must be followed in all schools, PUCs and colleges. The verdict was hailed by the state’s CM BS Bommai and BC Education Minister Nagesh

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On March 8, Section 144 and other restraining orders were extended in Bangalore as a precaution. As per order issued by Bangalore Police, any type of gathering, commotion or demonstration within an area of ​​200 meters from schools, PUCs, university colleges or any other educational institution in Bangalore is prohibited until March 21, 2022.

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