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SINGAPORE – More than four out of five primary 6 students who took the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) under the new grading system this year were assigned to a secondary school in their top three choices, said Wednesday the Ministry of Education (MOE) (December 22). Here are some common questions about the Secondary 1 assignment exercise.

Q: With the new Secondary 1 PSLE ​​scoring and display systems, has MOE observed any changes in the choices made by students and parents?

A: The models of choice have remained broadly similar in the new system. The PSLE ​​score ranges for high schools for the PSLE ​​cohort this year are broadly comparable to the indicative PSLE ​​score ranges based on last year’s cohort. Likewise, the school thresholds for this year have remained largely stable compared to the indicative thresholds of last year.

Q: How is the cutoff point for each high school determined?

A: A school’s PSLE ​​score range is the PSLE ​​score of the first and last student admitted to school, and the cut-off point is the score of the last student admitted to school. Schools’ PSLE ​​score ranges are not predetermined by the Department of Education or schools and may vary each year based on the cohort’s PSLE ​​scores and their school choices in the exercise. ‘display this year.

Q: What is the highest cut-off point for Integrated Program (IP) schools? Is this a predetermined cutoff point?

A: The cut-off point for each high school course is not predetermined by the MOE or the schools prior to posting. It depends on the cohort’s PSLE ​​results and their school choices in this year’s posting exercise. The cut-off points for the last students assigned to IP schools this year ranged from 6 to 9 (merit for superior Chinese language).

Q: What is the impact of the tiebreakers for citizenship, the order of choice of school and the computerized ballot? How does this compare to previous years?

A: The overall proportion of students who took a computerized ballot was approximately one in 10, and the proportion of students who were assigned to one of their six school choices remained the same as over the past few years. years, more than 90%. Similar to the previous T-score system, the tiebreaker applied to a minority of students. Most of the students who needed a tie breaker were sorted by citizenship and school choice.

Q: Will the MOE view appeals more favorably this year, given that this is the first year that the new posting system has been in effect? Do students have to respect the school threshold to request a school transfer?

A: As in previous years, students who wish to appeal for a school transfer for non-medical reasons must meet the school threshold for that year of assignment.

Admitting students who do not meet the appeal threshold would not be fair to students who achieved a similar or higher PSLE ​​score, but who failed to secure a place in the school through to the poster exercise.

As in previous years, the Education Ministry stressed that all appeals will continue to be submitted to vacancies, even if the student’s score hits the school threshold.

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