Seymour senior signs a bowl for Marian University

Trevor Lawson is hoping his college signing won’t be his last for Seymour High School‘s bowling program.

In the fall, he will travel to Marian University in Indianapolis, where he will be part of the men’s bowling team and study high school.

After watching the SHS men’s and women’s teams win section titles last winter, Lawson knows there is potential for more than him to play to the next level.

“I actually spoke to a few of my college bowling teammates. I’m trying to recruit them for Marian, ”he says with a smile. “I really tried to talk to them about how you can reach high university levels and play the sport you love.”

Sunday afternoon at Scottsburg Lanes, Lawson was joined by his family, SHS coaches and Marian coaches as he signed his national letter of intent to play for the NAIA program which is a member of the Crossroads League.

This spring, the Knights placed third at the NAIA National Championships.

“I went there just to see a practice,” Lawson said of his visit in March. “I felt very welcome by the whole team. Everyone came up to me and talked to me, and no one was shy or anything. It was like a family.

A few other colleges were interested in Lawson joining their bowling team, but after Marian’s visit he knew he wanted to go.

“It means a lot to finally know what I’m working for has worked for me, especially academically,” he said. “I worked to increase my GPA because I knew that if I wanted to go to Marian it’s very excellent academically.”

Achieving this level in bowling is also special because Lawson can continue a sport he started when he was 2 or 3 years old.

“It’s been part of my family since my grandfather started bowling,” he said. “He taught my dad and I always went bowling with my dad when I was younger.

In sixth grade, he joined the Seymour Middle School team. He helped the Owls win regional titles every three years, and he won a singles title and advanced to the semifinal as a seventh rider.

In high school, he won full Southeastern Indiana Conference honors all four years, helped the Owls win section titles in his undergraduate and postgraduate years, and was part of the team. boys who placed 10th in the state finals and competed in the national tournament in his sophomore year. year.

Lawson said his average went from 150 in a freshman to 200 as a senior. He attributes this to his father, Toby Lawson, and his trainer, Shannon Kelly, who were helping him and practicing as much as possible.

Until Trevor’s senior year, Toby helped coach the team. He then gave up a few this winter so he could watch his son bowling in his senior year of high school.

Toby said it was great to see what Trevor accomplished in grades 6-12. He is also a proud father because Trevor follows in his footsteps, while he played at the University of Vincennes.

Another reason Trevor was drawn to Marian is that coach Jordan Gray has known his father for a long time and was a member of the Columbus North High School and Marian bowling teams.

As one of the Southeastern Indiana Conference standout bowlers, Gray said Trevor “fits the bill” in what college coaches look for in rookies.

“He brings experience to a high level,” Gray said. “He brings the understanding of being in a team, of being in a team atmosphere. He’s a balanced kid so I don’t expect him to get too high or too low, and that’s something we’re really looking for in terms of a varsity bowler because there are a lot of highs. , there are a lot of downs. “

The newcomers are moving from being the top bowler on their high school team to being on the same team, so Gray said there were growing pains, but Trevor’s level-headed nature should bode well.

“I think he’s a motivated individual, and he came to train and we worked on some stuff, and I think he’s going to receive my coaching very well and how I frame it because every coach does the things differently, ”Gray said. “I am optimistic that he is going to be a great fit for us and that he will really enjoy his time with us.”

Gray said Trevor is part of a recruiting class of eight men and eight women who will join the Marian program in the 2021-2022 school year. His wife, Jerracah Gray, is the associate head coach and mainly coaches the women’s team.

Kelly said Trevor was his third bowler to continue the sport in college.

“It works two-fold for us,” Kelly said. “It makes our name known at the school, and at the same time, it’s been a few years since we’ve had other people who have had the chance to continue. It gets this word out again in school. Hope this helps stir some people up in school, encourage some of my young bowlers to work a little harder.

Kelly said there were bowlers at SHS and other conference schools who could play collegially.

“I think we have several more over the next few years that will have the opportunity to do something like this,” he said. “Throughout the conference we have a lot of really good bowlers coming up right now. We were sophomore and junior heavy this year, so next year a lot of teams will have some really good seniors, and there will be a lot of good juniors at the conference next year.

Lawrenceburg will also join the conference next season.

“It’ll add another bowling center to our mix, and it’ll add more bowlers and just get more people involved,” said Kelly.

Scottsburg Lanes has been the home of the SHS team since the Seymour Bowling Alley closed in the summer of 2016. Co-owner Lea Ann Doughty said several Scottsburg High School bowlers have bowled in college in recent years. , and she’s happy to see Trevor get this opportunity too.

“He’s an exceptional young man, very calm, very reserved, very mature, and he sort of takes everything and he loves to bowling,” she says with a smile.

“We are working very hard with our young people,” she said. “We’re just trying to work with them and keep them positive, to let them see the opportunities that come their way and to help them become good adults. It’s great that we are seeing the end results. “

As Trevor moves to the next level, his mother, Belinda Davis, said he was lucky to have a lot of support from family and friends.

“I know the love of the game has been there since birth. It was in his blood, ”she said. “Just watching him grow and become more mature over the years has been a huge, huge thing for him. He has certainly matured a lot over the years. Bigger things are happening to him I think because he’s definitely ready.

His stepmother, Jen Lawson, said it was a pleasure to see him bowling and helping underclasses throughout his high school career.

“He understands the game and it has benefited the team,” she said.

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