Sheffield Secondary School Deadline: Everything you need to know to apply for Y7 places

Secondary school applications are open and parents in Sheffield have just six weeks to secure Year 7 places for their children.

Sheffield City Council has published this guide on how to apply with advice on certain schools’ admissions requirements, FAQs and what to do if you run into a problem – but for more curious parents The Star has written the guide below to find out where to find additional information about schools in your area.

Here’s everything you need to know about getting your child’s applications, how to find your catchment area, and how to compare schools to get the best education possible.

It’s time to apply for your child to have a place in their secondary school for Y7 in the 2023 school year – and the deadline is the end of October. Picture: Google Maps.

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When is the deadline for applications to secondary schools in Sheffield?

Sheffield parents must apply to transfer their child to secondary school for Y7. This is done through what is called a Common Application Form (CAF).

The deadline to apply online is October 15, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.

Read The Star guide below to find out how to find a school’s Ofsted report, compare it with others and look at other things you might want to consider such as road safety, public transport common and the most difficult to access.

The deadline for applying in writing is October 31, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.

It is important that families apply on time. If you apply late, you are less likely to be offered the place you want at one of your favorite schools.

Any application after the deadline will be considered a late application and will only be considered after the first offer of places, on March 1, 2023.

Which schools can I apply to in Sheffield?

You can select three preferred schools for your child’s placement.

It is strongly recommended to use all three and not to select the same school more than once.

Read our guide below on how to find a school’s Ofsted report, compare it with others and look at other things you may want to consider, such as road safety, public transport and the most difficult to access.

If you wish to apply to schools outside of your catchment area, it is recommended that you list at least one school in your area as your second or third preference.

How do I find my catchment area?

Children are more likely to be accepted into a school in their catchment area (or the closest to their catchment area, if yours doesn’t have a high school).

Which schools in Sheffield are the most oversubscribed?

By their nature, the most oversubscribed schools in Sheffield are also the hardest to get into.

Many parents apply outside of their pool to a preferred school, then list schools in their area as second and third choices.

Which schools in Sheffield are the best?

Where can I read Ofsted reports for my child’s school?

Follow this link for a full list of schools within a 10 mile radius of Sheffield, where you can then search for the school you are looking for.

What do parents think of schools in Sheffield?

Many parents may worry about whether the school they are applying to has bullying issues or whether the students there are happy.

This uses parent feedback to paint a rough picture of a student’s experience at a school.

A school’s Ofsted report will also discuss how pupils seem to be enjoying their time.

Does my school in Sheffield have a school bus or public transport routes?

This Travel South Yorkshire page lists all schools accessible by public transport route.

Often your school will have a page on its own website indicating whether it provides school buses.

Are the roads around my school safe?

This South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership data map can be used to assess the number of collisions that have occurred in your area.

Zoom in on the roads around your school or on your way back to see how safe the area was in the past.

When should I apply for primary school places?

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