Space Force Texas: Klein High School Air Force JROTC will transition to new Armed Forces branch

KLEIN, Texas (KTRK) — Klein High School‘s Junior Air Force ROTC is about to make a huge transition.

On Tuesday morning, they will become the Space Force JROTC and the only Space Force JROTC in Texas.

ABC13 will air its conversion ceremony at 9 a.m. Look for it in the video player above.

The move has been going on for almost a year.

In early 2021, the school chapter was named to the inaugural Space Force JROTC cohort after being selected by the U.S. Air Force.

Units chosen for Space Force JROTC conversion had to be in good standing, close to space facilities like NASA, and be the most capable.

Klein High School’s Air Force JROTC is one of 10 units in the United States to be selected for conversion to the newest branch of the armed forces, the U.S. Space Force.

“It is definitely an honor to be chosen as one of the first 10 Space Force JROTC units,” Lt. Col. Timothy Lambert, senior aerospace science instructor, said in a statement last April. “It shows that our cadets have represented the Air Force in such a remarkable way that they are giving them the task of representing the new Space Force in the same way.”

The announcement came just months after Space Force celebrated its first anniversary in December.

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Space Force is the newest branch of the military. Previously it was under the Air Force, but under the Trump administration it was transformed into a separate entity.

Space Force focuses on issues such as cybersecurity and keeping our satellites operational in space. It also focuses on monitoring the communication integrity of our mobile phone, ensuring that it is not hacked. This is an opportunity for Klein High School students to learn more about our military.

Space Force is not designed or intended to send combat troops into space.

“It sometimes leaves a bit of anxiety because, what have we gotten ourselves into? What is that going to put on our shoulders? Our cadets have always performed very well. It gives us another focus I guess. , to really achieve what is expected of us now,” Lambert said.

“I’m super excited for the Space Force program. I’m excited to be a representative to bring about change, expand our program, incorporate new information, and eventually serve our community more by expanding our service project aspirations,” said student Alissa Zenero last April.

Klein High School will join other schools in places like Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Arlington, Va., in making history as the first JROTC programs to make this transition.

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