Students will begin returning to McKinley High School on Tuesday | Education

Buffalo Police respond to a shooting/stabbing incident at McKinley High School, Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2022.

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Students will slowly resume in-person learning at McKinley High School starting Tuesday, according to a reset plan released today.

All students will have remote learning on Monday. On Tuesday, seniors will return for a single day, while all other levels will learn remotely.

McKinley administrators were aware of the potential for violence that day, stabbing victim's mother says

“Common sense would dictate that the school administration ensure that this child could safely leave school at the end of the day, and they neglected to do so,” said John V. Elmore, attorney for Aurielle Austin, for Sirgio Jeter. mother.

On Wednesday, the juniors will return for the day, while the seniors, sophomores and freshmen will learn from home.

Sophomores go to school on Thursday, with the rest of the student body remaining in remote learning.

Freshmen will have the chance to come back for a day on Friday as all other students are learning remotely.

Police have not released a name or description of the suspect.

Students have been learning from home since a 14-year-old boy was stabbed and a security guard was shot dead after school on February 9. Two 17-year-olds have been charged with attempted second degree murder and assault.

Staff will receive professional development on Monday.

The district said McKinley stakeholders will evaluate the data on Friday and “determine operability and make any necessary adjustments” to the proposed March 7-March 11 schedule.

The proposed schedule for the week of March 7 follows a similar plan, again starting with the elderly in the school building for one day. On March 11, all students would return for in-person learning.

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