Subsequent post on Centerville High School gun incident prompted more investigation, education, gun, court, crime

A Centerville detective and one of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s offices worked for hours on Saturday tracking that day’s mail before discovering it was from a 2018 New Mexico issue mistaken for the Centerville incident, Davis said.

“Your first instinct shouldn’t be to try to… share this image,” he said. “Go give this picture to someone who can do something and make sure we don’t have a tragedy.”

Friday’s incident involved a 15-year-old student who made threats against the school and a 16-year-old student who brought a gun to campus, authorities said.

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Police said it was likely an oversight on the boy’s part as he had recently been on a hunting trip and failed to remove the gun from his car. The girl then took a picture of it in her car and posted it on Snapchat, accompanied by a threat.

The two students were taken to the Montgomery County Juvenile Justice Center on Friday morning, Davis said.

The girl was accused of making terrorist threats and the boy was charged with illegally carrying a weapon on school grounds.

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