Sun Valley high school locked out on Tuesday

ASTON – Sun Valley High School was quarantined Tuesday morning as a precautionary measure after rumors of a violent incident circulated among parents and students, Penn Delco Superintendent Dr George Steinhoff said Tuesday evening, to parents in a letter.

Administrators, Aston Police Department and School Resources Officer Shane Coyle determined the threat was not credible as there were significant inconsistencies and flaws in the report as well as a lack of evidence corroborating, Steinhoff told parents.

“As the schools always act with great caution, the school has been remanded in custody to investigate,” Steinhoff said. “Unfortunately, at this point, text messages, inaccurate posts and social media speculation have increased. “

He noted that as a result of the rumors, the school had received numerous calls and requests for students to be sent home, which may have overloaded the school’s phone lines.

The Superintendent urged everyone to use caution when posting or responding to information on social media sites that is not from an official source.

Steinhoff said speculation about the incident itself was upsetting for some students and that staff and administration would address this anxiety.

The school will take further action as a result: a secondary messaging system to facilitate notifications to improve messaging speed, a facility review to ensure all locks and speaker systems are working, and a rule that parents or guardians must attend school only when notified of an emergency.

“If today had been a real emergency, we are concerned that first responders could not have gotten to the front of the building due to the number of passenger cars in the emergency lane and entrance,” said Steinhoff .

It came after fights and physical altercations at school on Monday. Steinhoff said these incidents stemmed from issues outside the school and had no connection with Sun Valley.

Steinhoff said the matter was referred to the School Resources Officer, who was closely involved in responding to the incident.

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