The Arkadelphian: Arkadelphia Board of Trustees Plans to Rebuild Primary Campus and High School | Public and private schools

The construction of new facilities for public schools in Arkadelphia was the topic of discussion this week as the Board of Education hosted a lunch at Arkadelphia High School.

According to documents provided to The Arkadelphian, planned capital projects include the construction of a new elementary school for grades 3-5, the conversion of a new elementary facility for use as a K-4 school, a project of security at Goza Middle School and replacing the high school building with a new two-story facility.

The details of the capital project for a new elementary school, Grades 3 to 5, will affect the current Central Primary School (including administration and day care buildings) and Peake Elementary School (including the facility main building, building 2, maintenance and storage and gymnasium).

The scope of the project indicates that, for “financial efficiency,” the district planned to close and demolish Central and Peake during the 2020-2021 school year, accommodating students in Grades 3 through 5 through old Goza Middle School. While the students have been moved to other campuses, the facilities on the old campuses have yet to be razed. The old Goza building is expected to be demolished once the new 65,000 square foot elementary school is completed.

The Arkadelphia Public Schools Administration Building and Central Primary School will eventually be demolished.

It should be noted that “although this project replaces the existing primary schools, no demolition is directly associated with this project”.

“All of the elementary schools in the district are in very poor condition, are past their 50-year expected lifecycle, and have sub-zero building and campus values,” notes the project rationale. The demolition and replacement of the three existing elementary schools was approved under a previously funded project.

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