The Minister of National Defense marks the adoption of Bill 93, which recognizes the Royal Military College Saint-Jean as an educational institution

The Honorable Harjit S. Sajjan, Minister of National Defense, made the following statement after the adoption by the National Assembly of Quebec of Bill 93. The bill recognizes the Royal Military College Saint-Jean as a university-level educational establishment, resulting from initiative 3 of the Defense Policy, Strong, Secure, Committed.

“Today is an important day since the National Assembly of Quebec adopted Bill 93, recognizing the Royal Military College Saint-Jean (CMR Saint-Jean) as an educational institution at the university level. This return to university status comes after the closure of CMR Saint-Jean in 1995, and its reopening for college education in 2008.

“Bill 93, which gives RMC Saint-Jean the status of a full-fledged university, is the result of initiative 3 of Canada’s defense policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged. Through this initiative, Canada is committed to re-establishing the academic affiliation of RMC Saint-Jean to help prepare the next generation of Canadian Armed Forces leaders for success. In addition to our investment of nearly $ 10 million between 2018 and 2021 and additional investments to come to support RMC Saint-Jean, the college has returned to the list of university-level educational institutions, allowing graduates to ” obtain diplomas from a recognized university, while also offering naval cadets and cadets the possibility of completing their studies in Quebec.

“I would like to thank everyone who works to train, educate and prepare future officers for the emerging and evolving needs of the Canadian Armed Forces in national and international contexts. Thanks to the faculty, support staff and team at RMC Saint-Jean, the first cohort of undergraduate students in international studies graduated on May 14.

“More than 300 cadets and cadets from across the country studied at RMC Saint-Jean during the 2020-2021 school year, 25% of whom were women and 65% francophones. The restoration of RMC Saint-Jean’s university status demonstrates our government’s continued commitment to promoting the French language within the Canadian Armed Forces. This key step will provide members of the Canadian Armed Forces with better opportunities to pursue their careers in French and strengthen the French language across the country. This immersive approach, combined with a comprehensive post-secondary program including physical fitness and military leadership programs, will also allow future officers to operate in complex environments once their training is complete.

“With a diversity of officer cadets and cadets from across Canada, we will continue to implement profound cultural change, creating a healthy and inclusive place to live and work. “

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