The new president of the OCCC makes history

As Oklahoma City Community College’s incoming president, Dr. Mautra Jones said her goal is to provide students with the best opportunities and inspire many others to know they deserve those opportunities.

Dr. Jones is a woman who wears many hats at home and at work.

She is Oklahoma’s 2021 Mom of the Year, a member of multiple organizations, and now the 11th president of Oklahoma City Community College.

“The first thing I plan to do when I get there is listen. I really have to delve into the campus community and all aspects of the institution,” said Dr. Jones.

With her new title of president comes some milestones in Oklahoma’s history. She is the first black woman to serve as president of the college or any institution of higher education in Oklahoma, other than an HBCU.

She said the accolades are just the icing on the cake.

“As someone who comes from very, very humble beginnings, I understand the realities that people from humble beginnings face and a lot of challenges and obstacles, and how people look at you differently. While I’m making history and I’m proud to make history, I look at it like I’m doing a favor,” Dr Jones said.

She said she has been able to combat these challenges with education.

She was never one to run away from a problem. She said she was always taught to be a leader.

“It all started when I watched my grandmother and her willingness to serve our community. She served in the hospital, she served in the church, the community had different initiatives at the community center and all kinds of things,” she said.

Dr Jones will take office on March 1. She hopes her new position will inspire other people of color.

“I hope that people can see themselves in me, certainly the youth. I work so hard to serve and I love and love because they are in the future,” she said.

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