TikTok Challenge damages Prairie View High School

Staff reports

The latest TikTok challenge involving theft and destruction of property made its way to Prairie View High School.

During a two-week period that ended on September 16, the school reported more than $ 5,000 in damage and stolen items on campus.

Manager Mike Burke called this “unacceptable”.

“We were able to identify some students who perpetrated these crimes on our campus,” he said in a Facebook post. “However, we still have a large number of unresolved situations that have left us investigating and trying to find the culprits. Let it be known that all students caught in the act of committing these ridiculous and damaging acts on campus will pay restitution. , will be suspended and will be charged with criminal damage to school property and theft.

Burke made the decision to close all but two of the toilets on campus. These are in wing A and wing G. School staff try to find soap dispensers, electrical outlets, sinks, toilets and other items to create a functional toilet.

The school offers rewards for information that leads to the identification of those involved.

“I am seriously considering canceling the prom (Saturday, Oct. 9),” Burke’s Facebook post said. “It’s unfortunate, because we haven’t had a dance at PVHS since 2019. But I can’t justify the cost of planning and hosting a fun activity on campus when we need to fix parts. of the building due to vandalism and theft. That’s not what Prairie View is, and we expect more from our students. We expect them to model and live our core Hawks values.

“At this point, we’re all responsible for turning the tide and starting to take care of our building and be good humans and ThunderHawks. “

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