Tributes to former Dundee High School rector Robert Nimmo

A tribute was paid to Robert Nimmo, who, as rector, led Dundee High School through a period of transformation.

He died at the age of 89, 24 after resigning after 20 years at the helm of the school.

Robert was appointed to his post of rector after 19 years at the George Heriot School in Edinburgh, where he had been deputy principal after a period at the head of French.


Before starting to teach, Robert had served in the military secret service as an interpreter of Russian.

Throughout his life, he maintained his interest in languages ​​and the military, as a member of the Admiralty maintenance committee.

In 1989 he helped organize a series of events to mark the 750th anniversary of Dundee High School.


During his tenure, the school grounds were expanded with the addition of Bonar House, the Trinity Hall / Meadowside building and the Dalnacraig Pavilion facilities were upgraded.

Robert was born and educated in Falkirk and married in Inverness.

He graduated with double honors in French and German from the University of Edinburgh and, after his service in the intelligence service, began working at George Heriot’s School.

While working full time, Robert studied for his Masters in Education and received a scholarship to visit independent schools in the United States.

National Profile

Throughout his career, Robert has held a number of national positions, most notably as Chairman of the Modern Languages ​​Panel of the Scottish Examination Board and, as a member of the Howie Committee, has had an impact on the reform of the secondary education in Scotland.

In addition, he was responsible for the finances of the Board of Governors of the former Dundee College of Education and served on the Board of Trustees of the Scottish Council of Independent Schools.

Robert was also a fellow of the British Institute of Management, a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and past president of the Dundee Rotary Club. After his retirement, he became a member of Abertay University and served on the university’s board of trustees.


In 1990 he was appointed OBE for his educational services.

Lise Hudson, current rector of the school, said: “A lot of the characteristics and highlights associated with high school today owe their existence to Bob Nimmo.

“His determination to champion the excellent education offered has led him to relentlessly use his own talents to present the school, its staff and its students at every opportunity.

An example

“His children, and those of Hilary, Robin, Stephen, Paul and Elise, all attended school and were true examples of this excellence in action.

“We want to pay tribute to everything the school has meant to Bob Nimmo and everything the school has earned in return. Our hearts go out to Robert’s wife, Hilary, and their children and extended family.

You can read the family announcement here.

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