TXKToday.com: TEXarkana high school students to build single-engine aircraft | Public and private schools

TEXarkana ISD announced a partnership that will provide students with a new hands-on learning opportunity in aerospace engineering.

TEXarkana’s board of directors has approved a partnership with Tango Flight, an innovative course in which students build almost an entire full-size, fully operational aircraft at school. In addition to the aviation and aerospace portion of the study program, students will work together to build an RV-12iS – a two-seater light sports aircraft.

“As a district with a strong spirit of innovation, we are excited to present another STEM opportunity that sets us apart, fosters career exploration and gives our students a head start on their future,” said said Texarkana ISD Superintendent Dr. Doug Brubaker. “This program will change the trajectory of some of our students’ pathways.

Tango Flight is a non-profit educational company created to inspire the next generation of engineers, pilots, mechanics and aviation technicians. Through a specially developed curriculum, the program strengthens STEM learning and provides unique learning opportunities for every student, regardless of career aspirations. According to the company, many Tango Flight students receive scholarships to attend top engineering schools, while others have taken the Tango opportunity to land jobs in the aviation industry.

“There is a growing demand for employees in the aviation, aerospace and outer space industries. Whether they are pilots, engineers or aircraft mechanics and technicians, the demand is increasing every year. These opportunities represent high paying and high paying employment opportunities for young people. Tango Flight helps connect students to these opportunities, ”said Craig Anthony, Director of Development, Tango Flight Inc.

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