Union threatens industrial action if university fails to follow ABC

The Kenya Union of Hotel Domestics, Educational Institutions and Hospital Workers, KUDHEIHA, has issued a 14-day strike notice to the governing body of Egerton University over alleged breaches of a collective bargaining agreement signed.

The general secretary of the union, Albert Njeru, accuses the institution of delaying the salaries of non-teaching staff. The Union now wants Egerton University to implement the agreement reached between the institution and the failure of the non-teaching staff to which they will put their tools.

“We are giving notice today. If by the 31stst of this month, Egerton would not have paid full wages, 100% of the wages they owe university workers, 40% arrears, or implemented our 2013-2017 collective bargaining agreement registered by the Labor and Relations Court in its entirety, all university workers will have no alternative but to deposit their tools,” Njeru warned.

He accused university management of turning a blind eye to the welfare of the majority of workers at the facility.

“We cannot ensure that the management benefits from allowances, freedom of association and above all full salary while the employees are still demanding the full salary which is their right”, he accused.

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