Vote Now: Which High School Has America’s Best Mascot? (Random parenthesis)

Over the past month, we’ve featured some of the best nicknames in high school sports, with the ultimate goal of determining the fan favorite.

We built 12 slices of 15 teams each, deploying three slices per week.

We recently released the Random Bracket, featuring 15 outstanding high school sports nicknames with a theme that’s all over the place. Descriptions of each can be found below the poll.

Best High School Mascots in America: 15 Most Unique Nicknames (Random Bracket)

Now we want to hear from you: What’s the best parenthesis nickname?

Vote in the poll to pick your favorite, and the winner will advance to the Dandy Dozen Championship Bracket.

Voting by random slice will be will end on Saturday, October 15 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

(Glenville picture by Jeff Harwell)

Randolph Ro-Hawks (Texas)

Ever heard of a Ro-Hawk? Is it a mythical creature? No, it’s a falcon riding a rocket, which is pretty much random.

Fairbury Jeffs (Nebraska)

Fairbury is in Jefferson County, but that’s the smallest part of history behind the Jeffs. The reference to a mostly forgotten comic book called “Mutt and Jeff” that the school adopted when it had a human mascot became popular.

Prescott Curley Wolves (Arkansas)

In the 1920s, after the Prescott football team delivered a beating in Little Rock, an editor of the Arkansas Gazette wrote the headline: “WE THINK THE BOYS ARE CURLEY WOLVES”. The team loved it, and it’s been the Curley Wolves ever since.

South Stanly Rowdy Rebel Bulls (North Carolina)

If they were just the Rowdy Bulls or the Rebel Bulls, this team could have been in the Animals Bracket. But making these Bulls both rowdy and rebellious made Random more appropriate.

Oaks of Coventry (Rhode Island)

The school’s full nickname is the Knotty Oakers, but it is usually shortened to Oakers. The original high school was built near the corner of Knotty Oak Road, on the site of a large oak tree which was a local landmark.

Champions (Cascade, Tennessee; Cesar Chavez, Arizona)

They can play Queen’s “We Are the Champions” at every sporting event and never go wrong.

Lloyd Memorial Juggernauts (Kentucky)

From the school’s 1928-29 football team website: “The Cincinnati Post wrote that the Lloyd’s team played ‘like a juggernaut’ and the name stuck. Lloyd then became the Juggernauts, being the only school or university with this mascot.

Flaming Hearts of Effingham, Illinois

Ada Kepley, the first American woman to graduate from law school, was a resident and supporter of tourism in Effingham. She dubbed the city the “Heart of America”, which led to the school team’s renaming from the Warriors to the Flaming Hearts. Nobody knows where the “Flaming” comes from.

Charles Wright Tarriers (Washington)

No, not the Terriers. “Tarrier” is an Irish/Scottish ethnic stereotype, with one definition meaning a “loafer” and another saying it’s a kind of railway worker.

Compton Tarbabes, California

In 1927, a community college was added to the high school campus, and the mascot changed from Lions to Tartars (a Mongol warrior). The middle school was known to be “adult” Tartars while the high school was considered “baby” Tartars. Tartar Babies have had many nicknames over the years: Little Tartars, Tartar Babies, Babes and now Tarbabes.

Glenville, Ohio Tarblooders

Excerpt from the “What is a Tarblooder” section of the Glenville website: “It’s a school war cry that began in the 1940s that members of Glenville’s sports teams were hitting the ‘tar ‘ and the ‘blood’ of his opponents. So our colors are red and black. Yeah.

Green Mountain Valley School Gumbies (Vermont)

From “Why Gumby?” section on the school’s website: “In the late 1980s, the GMVS women’s soccer team was in a run for the state championship title. After a game, a reporter asked the team what their mascot was. They looked at each other – they didn’t have an official mascot – and in a moment of creativity, a girl spoke up. “Well, we’re flexible, we’re nimble, we’re fun…I guess we’re the Gumbies.” The name stuck.

Lake Forest Academy Caxys, Illinois

We know you already know this, but “caxy” is ancient Greek for “ribbit”. In the early 1900s, Aristophanes’ comedy “The Frogs” was the subject of a popular school Greek literature course. So, the Caxys.

Northwest Home (Washington)

From the Seattle School’s website: “Yes, our mascot is The House. Modeled after our grand old main building, The House not only brings a smile to everyone’s face, it represents what is most important to us – we are an intellectual home where ideas are savored and creativity applauded. Where we treat each other with respect and expect everyone, regardless of age, to participate and clean up. We believe there is no better place to challenge ideas, stretch minds and build strong character than a welcoming and caring home.

Sandites Page (Oklahoma)

Sandite is a mixture of sand, antifreeze, and steel shot used on railroads to control leaves on lines. But that’s not what anyone from Sand Springs is referring to when they use the word Sandite. It simply means “a person from Sand Springs”. And Sand Springs Page Sandites’ mascot is a minuteman, which has nothing to do with Sandites.

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