Wake Forest holds inauguration of President Susan R. Wente

Herman Eure, professor emeritus of biology and vice-president of trustees, and Gerald Roach, former president of trustees, invested Wente with the presidential chain of office, which is composed of medallions of university seals with the name and the mandate of each of Wake Forest’s 13 past presidents.

Inauguration week festivities began with campus-wide community service projects on Wednesday, March 23, to demonstrate the University’s motto, Pro Humanitate. Other planned activities included exhibits, open houses, an inaugural ball, Sunday worship, and guided tours by faculty and students.

The Inauguration website has full details on the inauguration, including the live broadcast of the ceremony, the program and descriptions of faculty sessions and organized tours offered to highlight Wake Forest’s research and the Pro Humanitate motto. ‘University. It also includes a place to share congratulations to President Wente.

Voice of the Inauguration Ceremony

During the ceremony, greetings to the President were offered by representatives on behalf of faculty, staff, students, alumni, parents, and the Winston-Salem community. In addition to Mayor Joines’ community greetings, Winston-Salem State University Chancellor Elwood Robinson also shared greetings on behalf of local, regional, state and national higher education.

“Dr. Wente, as the mantle of leadership is officially placed upon your shoulders today, know that others committed to the noble calling of education walk alongside you. Your fellow educators and institutional leaders support you in the work ahead and look forward to opportunities to work together as we advance efforts to cultivate intelligence and character for future generations. Chancellor of Winston-Salem State Universitythere Elwood Robinson

“Learning communities like Wake Forest University, at their best, drive the wheels of human progress and unlock the potential of humanity.… The transformative power of education inspires us to action. To create. Grow. And therefore to have a social impact. – Dean of the School of Divinity Jonathan Lee Walton

“Dr. Wente, now that you have chosen to invest your future in this community, we know that you will continue to make it a place where people are valued and seen. We offer you our support as together we serve of this institution. We are honored to welcome you to the Wake Forest team. – Stephanie K. Carter, Chair of the Staff Advisory Council

“You are kindred spirits when it comes to the value we place on faculty-student relationships, academic achievement, and contributions to shaping the educational mission that has defined this institution for nearly two centuries. .” – President of the Faculty Senate Matthew T. Phillips

“Dr. Wente, in this first year of your presidency, you have shown us that you value and understand the importance of accessibility in providing a strong and holistic student experience. We appreciate your commitment to building strong relationships with student leaders across campus, and we look forward to continuing to work alongside you as we move Wake Forest forward into the future. Student Government President Ally L. Swartzberg

“Dr. Wente, as you become more comfortable with Wake Forest, know that you have the support of parents and families who have come to love this place because of the exceptional education, care and challenge that he brought to our children. Parent Council President Bonnie S. Carter

“Dr. Wente, thank you for accepting the responsibility of cultivating this very soul of Wake Forest. We are pleased that you appreciate the voices of those who have carried the motto into the world. that we will be a valuable resource to you and those who lead alongside you.”– President of the Council of Elders Alexandria Schroeder

“The Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation and Wake Forest University have been in partnership for many, many years. Dr. Wente, as the new leader of one of the strongest institutions in our community, I look forward to continuing to share in the work ahead of us. Together, I believe we can strengthen and improve our community and inspire others to do the same. – Executive Director of the Z. Smith Reynolds Maurice O. “Mo” Green Foundation

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