Watertown High School runners celebrate Homecoming and Seniors Day in first home meet in two years

The first home meet in two years for the boys and girls cross country teams at Watertown High School has proven to be significant in many ways.

Watertown hosted the Watoma Invitational at the Cattail Crossing Golf Course and was one of 12 schools that participated. The meeting did not take place last fall due to a COVID-19 shutdown at the WHS.

On top of that, the meet was also part of the reunion week activities and was Senior Day for Eight Arrows.

“I am very proud of the children,” said Watertown head coach Jennifer McElroy. “It’s always fun to run our home course and the extra reunion festivities made it even more exciting.”

A field of talented runners didn’t make things easier for the Arrows, who placed sixth out of 10 teams in the varsity women’s division with a score of 152 and 11th out of 10 teams in the men’s division with a score of 280.

Sioux Falls Lincoln, led by individual champion Ali Bainbridge (17:42, 5,000 meters), edged Brandon Valley 41-46 for the women’s division. Individual winner Josh Martin (16:13, 5,000 meters) helped Aberdeen Central win the boys’ division by a 68-82 margin over Sioux Falls Lincoln.

Watertown runners Garrett Antoine (center) and Ty Sullivan (right) race with the lead peloton during the opening stages of the boys' varsity race on Thursday at the Watoma Invitational cross country meet at Cattail Crossing Golf Course.

Seventh-year student Kate McElroy led the Arrow girls placing eighth out of 86 runners in 19:37. Victoria Smith was 26th (20:53), followed by Grace List 47th (21:47), Emma List 52nd (22:00), Ali Tesch 56th (22:05), Greta Schultze-Hoeing 69th (22:50), Isabella Horning 82nd (24:03) and Kristen Schulte 83rd (24:35).

Eighth-grader Ty Sullivan led the Arrow boys finishing 31st (17:37) out of 105 runners. Garrett Antoine was 55th (18:14), Ben Peterson 78th (19:03), Alex Lam 82nd (19:07), Jay Remmers 87th (19:21), Dane Stark 88th (19:29), Gabe List 94th ( 7:43 p.m.) and Jesse Pietz (8:26 p.m.).

Tesch, Schulte, Antoine, Remmers and Pietz – along with their senior colleagues Evan Halbe and Andre Baumgart and student director Trinity Ohm – were honored with their parents on Seniors Day.

“It was a great day for our seniors to be able to end their home careers with a great day with a great crowd,” said McElroy.

The meeting was a focus for the Arrows for the Eastern South Dakota Conference which is scheduled for Saturday October 9 at McHardy Park in Brandon. The first race starts at 11 a.m.

“We have had several kids who have set PRs (personal bests) and a lot of them have their best times of the season. We’re on time for the conference, so that’s great, ”said McElroy.

Junior university and college races were also held. Olivia Anderson finished third in the college girls’ 3,000-meter race (12:22) to lead the Arrow runners.

Watoma Invitation

Thursday at Cattail Crossing golf course


Team scores – Sioux Falls Lincoln 41, Brandon Valley 46, Harrisburg 83, Sioux Falls Washington 115, Aberdeen Central 144, Watertown 152, Brookings 186, Sioux Falls Jefferson 206, Pierre 216, Mitchell 273.

Top 10 individuals (5,000 meters) – 86 runners – 1. Ali Bainbridge, SF Lincoln, 17:42; 2. Libby Castelli, O’Gorman, 6:03 pm; 3. Addison Scholten, Brandon Valley, 6:45 pm; 4. Mia Wentzy, Brandon Valley, 7:06 PM; 5. Presli White, Harrisburg, 19:18; 6. Gabrielle Spain, SF Washington, 19:26; 7. Leni Olson, SF Lincoln, 19:37; 8. Kate McElroy, Watertown, 19:37; 9. Addalai DeKam, SF Lincoln, 19:44; 10. Hannah Dumansky, SF Lincoln, 19:52.

Other arrow runners – 26. Victoria Smith, 20:54; 47. List of Grace, 21:47; 52. Emma List, 10 pm; 56. Ali Tesch, 10:05 pm; 69. Greta Schultze-Hoeing, 22:50; 82. Isabella Horning, 24:03; 83. Kristen Schulte, 24:35.


Team scores – Aberdeen Central 68, Sioux Falls Lincoln 82, Brandon Valley 98, Sioux Falls Jefferson 113, Pierre 122, Harrisburg 149, Brookings 159, O’Gorman 199, Huron 200, Sioux Falls Roosevelt 267, Watertown 280, Mitchell 377.

Top 10 individuals (5,000 meters) – 105 runners – 1. Josh Martin, Aberdeen Central, 16:13; 2. Hayden Shaffer, Peter, 16:22; 3. Jared Lutmer, Peter, 16:37; 4. Kadin Groen, SF Lincoln, 4:40 pm; 5. Jack Castelli, O’Gorman, 4:42 PM; 6. Jacob Angerhofer, Aberdeen Central, 16:57; 7. Parker Fitzgerald, Harrisburg, 16:53; 8. Samuel Castle, SF Jefferson, 4:56 PM; 9. Tino Lopez, Aberdeen Central, 4:57 pm; 10. Gavin Smith, Harrisburg, 4:53 PM.

Arrows runners – 31. Ty Sullivan, 5:37 pm; 55. Garrett Antoine, 18:14; 78. Ben Peterson, 19:03; 82. Alex Lam, 19:07; 87. Jay Remmers, 19:21; 88. Dane Stark, 19:29; 94. List of Gabe, 19:43; 99. Jesse Pietz, 20:26.

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