WCSU names Newtown students to 2022 Spring Dean’s List

NEWTOWN, CT – Western Connecticut State University has named the following Newtown residents to its Spring 2022 Dean’s List:

Full-time students

Shaylen Ames, psychology; Julie Azba, Psychology; Conor Brennan, performance, jazz; Justin Coelho, exploratory studies; Theresa Davenport, Justice and Law Administration; Giovanna Diniz, secondary education; Rose Duval, Justice and Administration of Law; Paige Galanis, art; Alexa Glaser, digital and interactive media arts; Savannah Davidow, Biology; Nina Henriques, Marketing; Briana Krasowski, psychology; Hannah Marcum, psychology; Joy Metzger, secondary education; Donovan Miller, health education; Cassandra Mitsos, social work; Christina Mitsos, psychology; Katherine Moran, art; Leah Navin, Exploratory Studies; Zaki Noori, Biology; Andrew Pfeiffer, history; James Richards, psychology; Jack Riebe, Communications; David Romano, Chemistry; Nora Shimko, Accounting; Stephen Tomassi, exploratory studies; Taylor Traisci, psychology; Melissa Travali, Music Education; Danielle Vigneau, pre-nurse; Éric Vigneau, Accounting; Jenna Visca, professional writing; David Watson, business administration; Markus Wessel, management

Louis Bélanger, Accounting: Carly Brennan, Management; Christie Ann Colavito, Administration of Justice and Law; Brian Durling, Justice and Law Administration; Talyn Estores, digital and interactive media arts; Brian Oberg, Cybersecurity

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